Taxi Volos Delphi

Day trip to delphi from Volos by Taxi

A day trip to the centre of the Universe according to Ancient times, marked by a stone called “the navel stone”, famous as the home of Apollon and the mighty Oracle of the Ancient World, and was the holiest mountain at this time.

Visit the ruins of the ancient city… the Temple of Apollon, the Theatre, the Stadium and the Museum where, among other archaeological treasures the unique “Bronze Charioteer” is on display.

See the Catal spring (according to legend this water has a rejuvenating effect) and the ” Navel Stone”.

A mile east of the Sanctuary of Apollo you will find the Sanctuary of Athena with a beautiful 4th centuary BC rotunda.


delphi volos taxi


The day trip with Taxi from volos to Delphi will begin from your hotel or from the place of your choice. On our way to Delphi, we will pass from Thermopil and then from the town of Amfissa.

Upon Arrival at the archaeological site of Delphi, at the evocative natural landscape formed between two rocks, is the sanctuary of Delphi, the most famous oracle of Ancient Greece where PYTHIA was giving her oracles. According with the Greek mythology, Delphi was the “Navel of Earth”.

Further on we will visit the Temple of Apollo, the Treasury of the Athenians, the Delphi Archaeological Museum, the Castalian spring, the ancient Gymnasium and the ancient Theatre.

We will proceed by visiting the picturesque Arachova, one of the most beautiful villages of Greek countryside with its traditional shops, cafes and taverns with a unique view of the landscape where you can enjoy your lunch.

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